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Rift Pre-Expansion Patch Hits Servers, Brings Class Changes and More!

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Rift: Storm Legion is just around the corner, and today saw the pre-expansion changes come to Telara in patch 1.11. Sweeping changes to the existing soul trees and updates to class mechanics await your exploration, and the ‘Tempest Rising’ World Event threatens Telara’s very existence.Something about this troubled Iskar. Had that heretic—Ikiss—done anything to Viryx? Iskar was not sure what the fool had been up to. But it was not his place to ask. If the high sage had deemed that information important to Iskar, he would have already told him about it.

The soul tree and class changes are pretty extensive, so rather than putting literally dozens of pages of patch notes below, we’ll just provide you a handy-dandy link to the patch notes section of the official Rift forums. There is more than enough new information out there to keep you occupied while you patch. Be sure to check out the general changes, as well as the crafting post.

Later, Iskar wandered out onto one of the many open terraces of the Grand Spire. He winced as his feet touched the stone platform, each step sending a jolt of pain up his back.
The countdown to Storm Legion has begun, and Rift players now await the inevitable arrival of Crucia the Storm Queen.

EA Shafting Free-To-Play Players With MMO Closures

Sunday, May 24th, 2015


EA today announced the planned upcoming closure of several free-to-play games under their not-so watchful eye as Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free, Need for Speed World & FIFA World will all soon meet their demise.

A new post on the official website informs players that EA will no longer be supporting or developing assets related to the free-to-play games, closing all of the aforementioned titles within the next 90 days. Following that period all games will be taken offline.

This leaves only Star Wars: The Old Republic and Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances as the final free-to-play titles in EA’s dwindling arsenal.

All of the games on EA’s death row have suspended all registrations and players can no longer purchase Play4Free funds, in-game currencies or other premium features for these titles. Finally they warned players that they will not have any access to game-related data or content, and refunds will not be given for purchases relating to these games.


Guild Wars 2 mall new product Winter Veil line regression props

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Guild Wars 2 beautiful costumes and props mall today has built three new mini pets, and Winter Veil themed items all regression, including three permanentfinishers, sprout sprout earmuffs, it seems that everyone was bleeding. National service will also recently updated, but in the country to serve the mall can come to a preview before they hit the shelves.


Mini Pact Airship – 350 gems

This contract mission spacecraft Mini with the other two are not the same, in the water after the shuttle will swirl around you, with fish.


Feast of Winter Veil of earmuffs 25 gems (good cheap!)


You can also stain Oh, there are two dyeing tank. The following is modeling the preview: